Wimborne BID

The Wimborne Business Improvement District (BID) is a business-led initiative
to invest money into the local economy of a town.

Wimborne BID

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a business-led initiative to invest money into the local economy. A BID is elected on the merits of a business plan by a ballot of eligible businesses in the levy area. The businesses are charged a levy on their rateable value, which is invested directly into the area to support the local economy.

A BID is in place for a maximum period of up to  five years, after which it must ballot the businesses for a renewal.

The Wimborne Business Improvement District (BID) was successfully renewed in 2016 and now has a mandate to deliver the Renewal Business Plan.  The current BID period ends on 31st March 2021; a renewal ballot will be held at the end of the current BID period to extend this for another five years.

The Wimborne BID will be funded once again by a levy, which equals 1.5% of the rateable value of each of the businesses in the BID area whose business rates are £3,500 or higher.  The BID zone remains the same as in the previous Wimborne BID period. The BID will raise approximately £110,000 for each year of the BID period, amounting to £514,000 over the four year and eight month period.
East Dorset District Council, Wimborne Minster Town Council, The Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Wimborne Minster Chamber of Trade and Commerce and many others have all backed the renewal of the BID.

Chairman of the Wimborne BID, Ian Faulkner said: “The BID has held a number of consultation events, meetings and face-to-face discussions, a ballot launch and presentations with the levy payers, as well as media engagement, to ensure the Wimborne BID plans reflect the needs of the town. Our competitors see Wimborne as a hugely successful town and are looking at their own BIDs, so it is imperative we keep ahead of the competition and implement the next part of the improvement plan for year on year growth.

Most levy payers pay 50p per day to the BID, with 80% paying less than £1 per day. A small price to make Wimborne the envy of other towns in the area".

Business Plan

The project areas for the Wimborne BID are:

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Business Development
  • Cleaner, Greener, Safer
  • Events and Festivals
  • Riverside Business Park
  • Cooperation, Collaboration, Cohesion

To download the Renewal Business Plan for the Wimborne BID 2016 - 2021, please click the link below:

To download the ballot results, please click here.

To download the latest financial summary, please click here.

Letters of Support

The Wimborne Minster Chamber of Trade and Commerce

Click here to download the letter of support from Wimborne Minster Chamber of Trade and Commerce.

So why do we need the BID?

So much of what we all would like to see happen in our town takes a lot of time to organise and of course, a considerable sum of money to achieve, neither of which are easy to find.  In Wimborne, we have been in a very fortunate position over the last five years which, unlike many other towns, has meant that we have had these resources to hand with the Wimborne BID in place.

It is true to say that it has taken some time for the BID to settle in and there have been many teething problems, however the BID has emerged from this and is now in far better shape to be able to continue working on all of our behalf.  We can see far more cohesive working together from all parties and a sharing of resources and knowledge.  This has resulted in a greater ability to actually get things done, enabled us to position Wimborne strongly against our competitors making us bigger and better and giving us a more positive outlook on the potential growth that we can expect for Wimborne in the future.

So where does this leave us now?  Well as we know, there is still much to do and many things to be improved upon but without the continued money that we collectively raise then we know that so much of this would no longer be possible, the clearest example of this would be at Christmas, without the financial support from the BID then the lights, decorations and entertainment that we have been able to enjoy and benefit from would not be possible and Wimborne would sadly be lacking in sparkle.

With so many towns now going through the motions of trying to set up a BID, Wimborne is already ahead of the game by far and having moved this far forward it would seem criminal to lose this opportunity and take a step backwards.  The Chamber sees the BID as a vital tool in keeping Wimborne in the limelight and is in support of keeping your BID so that together, we can all continue opening the doors to opportunities as a community to improve our town.

Wimborne Minster Town Council

Click here to Download the letter of support from the Wimborne Minster Town Council.

2016 is a very important year for Wimborne Minster.  It is the year that the town’s BID goes through it’s first renewal cycle.  This is the time for the businesses of the town to demonstrate a commitment to the Business Improvement District concept.  A mechanism in this town, that allows the collection of approximately £500,000 over a five year period.  It is then spent on promotion of the town in a variety of ways, hopefully benefiting the businesses of the town by increasing footfall at a time when market towns face fierce competition from an increase in on line shopping and superstores/out of town shopping centres.

It’s fair to say that none of us knew what to expect when the BID came into being in 2011.  After an intense and ultimately successful campaign to get voted in by a small number of concerned business people, it was then a project in itself to establish the Wimborne BID Ltd as a company and set about the business of supporting the economic viability of the town.  Wimborne BID was only the 2nd BID in Dorset, following the success of Dorchester, so there wasn’t a blueprint to follow!

There came a settling in period but in the last two years, it has been clear that the BID is now firmly embedded in the town in a number of ways and the positive effects are now noticeable.

The BID is predominantly there for the businesses of the town, to promote the opportunities for shoppers, tourists and those requiring the services on offer.  There are established lines of communication between the BID representatives and a number of other organisations, including local authorities like ourselves.

The Town Council is here to represent the residents of the town and working together with the BID has enabled a joined up approach to communication with external contacts e.g. Highways, Dorset County Council, East Dorset District Council and commercial operators (such as markets and others wishing to showcase on The Square or other parts of town).

We have worked together with the BID to bring about cost sharing on matters such as Christmas lights, town maintenance, Wimborne in Bloom and Square management.  There is also a Town Centre Liaison group that meets monthly to discuss upcoming events, reported problems or new initiatives.

Whereas the Town Council has a number of unpaid Councillors supporting residents, the BID has a smaller number of volunteer Directors who give their time to the very important task of ensuring the money raised is spent in accordance with the business plan on the basis of which it was elected.

After 5 years in place, the Town Council can certainly see the benefits of having a ‘partner’ organisation such as the BID.   We work together on the varying matters that arise on a regular basis.  The Town Council has also recognised what the BID contributes  in terms of additional finance and improvements to the town which the Town Council alone could not offer if the BID did not exist.   Indeed the Town Council’s role does not include the economic development of the town.  For example, we would not be able to sustain the level of Christmas lighting or town maintenance.  The Town Council does not have a marketing budget to promote the town in the various publications or media.  Whilst small grants are available for local groups, there is not a large pot that can be used to encourage events in the town.  With the recent changes in the Tourism function at East Dorset District Council, it is more important now that there is engagement with partners to promote the town.

Over the last 5 years, Wimborne businesses’ money has been invested in significant marketing activity, an increase in events, regular ‘in town’ markets, town improvements (re painting, repairs and cleaning of items/areas that no other authority does), signage improvements for some roads, a more inviting Subway with the new wall wrap and enhanced business networking.

Not everything will have gone well and certainly not from day 1.  But what we see now is a well supported and vibrant town, even in a 5 year period of significant economic downturn across the country.
There may well be elements of the BID business plan and/or operation that can be improved upon for it to have a successful 2nd term.  We would urge engagement with the BID from those in business, to ensure that  points made may be considered in discussions when finalising the next business plan.

It feels like the town has taken a step forward and at the Town Council we would very much like to see the BID continue and become stronger over a 2nd term, bringing more improvements to the town, continued support for businesses and a continuation of the positive working relationship with the Town Council.

The Town Council hopes that businesses will vote for the BID’s second term so that our partnership can continue to support businesses and ensure that Wimborne Minster remains a vibrant and successful town to live, work and visit.

Other Endorsements

Michael Tomlinson MP:

"Michael has asked me to pass on his best wishes to the BID and hopes that the event and the upcoming ballot are a success and you are able to continue with your excellent work in Wimborne."

Police Crime Commissioner Martin Underhill:

"Wimborne BID is no exception, it is a key stakeholder in the town.Over the period of the BID, crime in Wimborne has fallen and people tell us they feel safer. The BID has beeninstrumental in setting up Pubwatch and Shopwatch schemes, helping businesses to share information toproactively and collectively prevent crime.
There is a well understood link between the level of crime and the state of repair of an area and the BID haveworked with other parties to keep the town clean, tidy and in good repair.

The Wimborne BID has also fostered an excellent working relationship with the local neighbourhood policeteam. As Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset, and as a local resident, I endorse Wimborne BID.”

Contact the BID

BID Directors

Wimborne BID Directors

Martin Brunt Chairman
Email: martin.brunt@sjpp.co.uk

Mike Dyer East Dorset District Council representative
Email: cllr.mdyer@eastdorsetdc.gov.uk

Ben Richardson Deputy Chair and Marketing and advertising
Email: ben@harkerandbullman.co.uk

Laura Green Events
Email: laura@butchersdogdorset.com 

Simon Thomas Events
Email: simoncthomas@outlook.com

Richard Nunn Cleaner, Greener, Safer and Wimborne Minster Town Council representative
Email: richardnunn@talktalk.net

Georgie Boyd Cleaner, Greener, Safer
Email: enquiries@thethirstybird.co.uk

Martin Pate Business Support
Email: mp@mjplaw.co.uk

For media enquiries please contact office@wimborne.info.

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