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Welcome to Wimborne Minster!

"Hi, I am Sue Maunder Chairman of the Wimborne Minster Chamber of Trade & Commerce.

The burning question of the hour – why does Wimborne Minster need a Chamber and why pay a membership fee to be a member of the Chamber when most of you are Levy Payers through the BID. The Chamber was set up over 60 years ago by like-minded people to bring together all the businesses and trades people of Wimborne Minster to engage in making it a lovely town not only to visit but to shop etc. What a fantastic job they did but up to a few years ago towns, cities, etc, in general seem to be losing “their touch” and, with the introduction of the Internet and the World Wide Web, people were deserting the High Street and started shopping ‘on line’. Nothing wrong with that – we all do it – but we have now started ‘fighting back’ and need to keep in touch with what our customer/client wants and our greatest asset with this is PERSONAL SERVICE.

YES – we do work closely with the BID but this is for the benefit of the town–not to fight against it. It is not them and us or us and them – and the Chamber will be ‘holding the BID to account’ on behalf of Wimborne Minster businesses, which will be surveyed about the business climate in the town. The Chamber Town Guide this year is to be the Town Guide with support from the BID. BUT we also:

Hold our OWN networking and social events;

  • Give presentations and workshops on topics that are relevant to businesses;
  • The Christmas trees and lights that the Chamber organize each and are offered to every business and shop;
  • Organise the Children’s Christmas Show which is a ‘free event’ to all those who come and held at the Allendale Centre;
  • Arrange the Christmas Shop Window Competition; and
  • Produce the Chamber Newsletter.

We now have our own, members only, Facebook Forum page, which enables us to discuss ideas, give feedback and raise concerns.

So, to sum up, we are a modern Chamber who set out to provide you with a voice with which you can raise local issues that are of concern to you and your business. We arrange our own events but also work closely with the Town Council, BID, EDDC and others.

Sue Maunder, Chair"

If you would like to join the Chamber please download an application for from here and send to Andrew Start.

Contact the Chamber

Sandra Bond – President
Sorrels Catering
Tel: 01202-882353  Email: sandrabond@wimborne-minster.co.uk

Sue Maunder – Chair
Summers Insurance, 18 Leigh Road
Tel: 01202-870700  Email: suesummersinsurance@gmail.com

David Phelps – Secretary
4 Poplar Close
Tel: 01202-841644  Email: davidphelps33@yahoo.co.uk

Ian Faulkner – Treasurer
Old Rectory House, Horton
Tel: 07831-398810  Email: ianfaulkner@wimborne-minster.co.uk

Meet the Committee

Kate Brooks, Ellis Jones
Tel: 01202 057754   Email: kate.brooks@ellisjones.co.uk

Aaron Calver, Avencia Tax
Tel:  01202 856250 Email: aaron@avencia.tax

Alison Cross, CLaRC 
Tel: 01202 847600 Email: alisoncross@wimborne-minster.co.uk

Tina Eicke, Waitrose
Tel: 01202-840157 Email: managerwimborne@waitrose.co.uk

Diann March, John March (Firearms) Ltd
Tel: 01202-888504  Email: diannmarch@wimborne-minster.co.uk

Andrew Start, Andrew David Associates
Tel: 01202-233390  Email: andrewstart@wimborne-minster.co.uk

Adam Wrixon, Summers Insurance
Tel: 01202-882937  Email: adamwrixon@gmail.com

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