Steve Etches at the Wimborne Literary Festival

Stories From Deep Time

Stories From Deep Time with Steve Etches founder of The Etches Collection Museum of Jurassic Marine Life, Kimmeridge

One man’s passion

It was long thought that the local Kimmeridgian clays had little to yield by way of evidence via well-preserved fossils. A belief that was changed by the amazing discoveries of Steve Etches, local to Kimmeridge, fossil collector and expert who over the last 30 years, has discovered, collected and researched over 2000 incredible late Jurassic Kimmeridgian specimens.

An achievement that has resulted in a collection of the most extensive and finest fossil specimens ever found in the Kimmeridgian Clay Formation. The Etches Collection is the result of one man’s passion. Over 30 years of discovery and diligent research, dogged determination not just to find and collect specimens, but also to bring to life the amazing stories of the creatures that existed in the Kimmeridgian.

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