A key part of our vision for Wimborne is as:

“A town where all events collaborate and share, for the benefit of events, of the town and of the local economy.”

The mission of the Wimborne Festivals initiative is:

“To create the infrastructure and relationships that facilitate collaboration and sharing amongst events and festivals; working together for the benefit of Wimborne’s community and economy.”

Wimborne Minster and the immediate area are host to a wide range of events and festivals.  Such events bring a number of benefits to the town, its residents and businesses, such as:

  • The town is seen widely for the beautiful and welcoming place that it is
  • Tens of thousands of additional people are brought into town
  • Many of those people return to visit and shop in the area
  • They add value to the local economy

Each festival has its own identity but also share many of the same challenges - ranging from storage through creating and maintaining policies to securing volunteers.

This web page has been set up to provide a focal point for festivals and to allow the sharing of information (below).

Wimborne Festival pic Wimborne Festival pic
Wimborne Festival pic Wimborne Festival pic

Policies and Procedures

We have created generic templates for many of the Policies and Procedures that are needed to run a safe and compliant festival or event. Please download and use as a starting point for your own documents.

Event organisers may need to submit their event details to the Safety Advisory Group.  For more information on the process for submission click here.

To download a template click on the name from the list below:

Accident Reporting Procedure

CCP Child and Vulnerable Person Policy

Child and Vulnerable Person Policy

Child Protection Summary

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Trustees

Contract Template Freelance

Contributor Contract

Directors Application Form

Disabled Access Application Form

Disclosure Reporting Sheet

Equality and Diversity Policy

Example Child Protection Procedures and Guidelines

Example Risk Assessment

Example Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Procedures and Guidelines

Health and safety Guidelines for event staff and volunteers

Incident Report Form

Lost Children Procedure

Oral History Good-Practice Guidance

Photography Consent Form



Risk Assessment Form

Risk Rating Calculator

Volunteer Application Form (Wimborne History Festival example)

Volunteer Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form

Volunteer Grievance Policy

Volunteer Policy

What Kind of Organisation - decision tree, DCA 2012

What To Do When A Lost Child Is Brought To The Information Procedure

What To Do When A Parent Reports A Lost Child

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